Changing My User Name From Arlene To Ruth

Don’t worry, its still me in here.I am ditching the name ‘Arlene’, although I have gotten a little attached to it, trading it in for my real name, Ruth.

In case you are confused, I have been writing under the alias of Arlene ever since I got involved with Relationship Talks. When I first started out, I felt more comfortable writing under the cloak of anonymity, as many do on the internet. I thought it would give me more freedom and allow me to keep my privacy, and for a while, that worked well for me.

I now feel that I have out grown that, and schlepping Arlene around with me every where I go has become a bit of a drag, to be quite frank.

So here to stepping out into the light, out from under the invisibility cloak!

into the light

photo credit creative commons license midiman

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • MollyGoodGolly: Well nice to meetcha Miss Ruth! Any relation to "Dr. Ruth"? Sorry, that was corny I know...
  • gummybears: Nice to meet you ruth. :)
    Looking forward to some more of your blogs... And advice of course!
    Big decision, glad you made it.
  • Ruth: @MollyGoodGolly - LOL
    @Gummybears - Thanks.

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