How To Become A Popular Blogger - 5 Tips For Growing Your Blog

grow your blog

Slowly but steadily more and more people are starting to blog on Relationship Talk. I am not talking about the folk who post once and then disappear into the sunset, but about the people who post again and again, opening their hearts and lives, sharing their thoughts experiences and knowledge with us all, to a point where we feel we know them. We want to know more about them, and when they disappear for a while, we worry about them, or, at least, are curious to know why they stopped writing and what is going on in their life. These people, who have created readerships and followers, are real, honest to god bloggers.

You might want to become a real honest to god blogger, but might not be quite sure how to accomplish that, or you might already be a blogger, but want to grow your blog some more. Here are 5 easy, practical ways to do so:

1. Post often. No excuses. Some bloggers post daily, some weekly, whatever the case; your readers want to make you a habit. They are waiting for your posts, don’t disappoint them and make them get satisfaction elsewhere.

2. Use great titles - ones that will let the reader know what to expect from your blog post, and compel them to click on the title to read further. Examples of outstanding titles on RT: Understanding no Contact, Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder, How to Overcome Failure .

3. If you get comments - answer them. In real life, when someone reacts to something you have said, you react right back at them. You carry on a conversation, or say thank you or even just smile. Use the comment section to create a conversation and a relationship with your readers.

4. Visit other blogs, both on RT and elsewhere and join the conversation. People love getting comments (You know that, you love it too!) and being human and curious, they will click over to check out your blog. If they like what they see, they might become part of your readership. To find other blogs, you can check out our blogroll on the right hand panel, read my occasional blog roundups, or search Google Blogs.

5. Give your readers value - even though your blog might be your sounding board, and your way to blow off some steam, make sure your posts will be valuable to others too. If you write excellent blog posts, others might refer their readers to your blog (As I did here), resulting in more readers and comments for you.

Any other suggestions? Please do share!

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  • gummybears: I don’t post ‘regular’ I write in spurts. That works agaist me relationship with my blog readers. (Drip feed!!! Lol!) That is a useful tool for me. But it’s also lazyness to a degree.
    I have also been bad fo not answering comments. Another thing that’s important.
    But what do you do with an audience once you have them? (Gummy innocently asks! :D)
  • Ruth: I would say you write pretty regularly. You don’t write write every Monday or Thursday, but for the most part, at least once a week, often more. Writing a blog regularly, like clockwork, takes a lot of discipline.
    As far as the audience goes - Why did you start writing the blog in the first place - every blogger has a different specific purpose, but in the end, we all want to be heard. Some have a business goal, others want to share knowledge, others need an ear or to feel kinship.
    I also write a gardening blog, for example, and I love sharing my garden with other people. I love the feedback and the ideas, and the compliments and solution.
    So what you do with your audience is up to you and what you started out to accomplish to begin with :-)

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