How Would You Handle Being Jilted At The Alter?

That is a really hard question to answer, and I hope none of us ever have to find out. Unfortunately, this has happens more often than we would like to believe.

sad bride

A 22 year old bride, left at the alter does her best to end her life then and there by jumping out a window.

Luckily for her, there was a quick man in the room, who managed to grab onto her dress, then her neck, and pulled her back into the room she was ditched in. Apparently, her good for nothing fiance had married someone else instead.

You can see the pictures of the whole drama here.

There are several things I find shocking here. Obviously the fact that someone can lack integrity and kindness to such a degree, that he would do that to someone is terrible. Imagine the humiliation and the pain she must have felt when she found out she had been left at the alter. I am sure it could have been done in a kinder way with better timing.

The thing that shocks me even more (OK, it doesn’t shock me, but it really saddens me) is the lack of importance this girl gave herself in the relationship and obviously in life). He was her all. She was nothing. Without him, she could not exist.

We see this time and time again in life and on this site in particular. People are so invested in their relationships and in their partners, that when something goes wrong or their partner moves on, they seem to have lost themselves.

In reality though, this bride and all of the other people who find themselves at a loss without their partners, are probably much better off in the long run. Think about it - would you want to be married to the type of person who would be so callous and mean as to be able to inflict such incredible pain and humiliation on another human being without a second thought?

Would you want to spend your life with someone who has little regard for you, or, in the less extreme cases doesn’t really want to spend their life with you?

photo credit Joe Shlabotnick

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • jade:

    I think that the decision of marrying someone is a decision on a course you choose for your life. Some people finds it harder to change the course even there’s no choice left. When looking at it objectively everyone will choose not to live their life with someone who doesn’t want them but unfortunately, most people are very objective in this issue.

  • Jessica: Jade, that’s true. But how does one get to the point where you in yourself mean nothing to yourself? I kind of think she is better off since now she might actually have been shocked into finding her self.
  • Arlene: Jade - I understand what you are saying. Its true, even without jumping out the window, a person in a situation like that would need time to regroup and heal. I still think jumping out the window is extreme.
  • jade: Jessica, this can be the best end but it depends on the person’s character. She might find herself in a similar situation next time too.
  • Richard: i know of a girl i worked with ( i attended the wedding) her new husband left her one month AFTER THEY WERE MARRIED ! heck he should have left her at the alter, it would have been better she would not have had to go thru the pain she went thru WITH THE **** she married.
  • Arlene: @Richard - that’s pretty awful. I don’t think its any better than being left at the alter, although the humiliation might be a tad less, since it didn’t happen in front of all of the wedding guests...

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