I’m Feeling Really Disconnected, Should I Leave My Relationship?


All relationships go through periods where it feels like one or both sides feel disconnected. There’s no real reason to leave unless you’ve exhausted all means to try and work through your issues. People think relationships fix themselves when, in fact, they don’t and that’s the sad part about about how people view relationships. Many couples get comfortable in their relationships so much that it can leave the door open for affairs and cheating to occur. It’s best to stay on your program when it comes to your partner or spouse’s needs. In order to stay connected, couples need to stop and make time for their relationship because quality time is what makes love work. Love takes two people to make it work and it works best when both sides are willing to put in the effort to make it work. Breaking up with someone over lack of communication is childish because communication issues can be sorted out if a couple wants to work out their issues.

Couples have communication issues over various things from money to just general issues in life. Some of the issues couples need to really pay attention to are their partner’s needs. When you neglect your partner’s needs, they’ll begin to seek the fulfillment of those needs elsewhere. You want to try to keep the risk of infidelity down by making sure your partner’s needs are being met. Check in with your partner and see how he/she is feeling because sometimes the issues of one’s needs not being met is not being communicated effectively.

Couples that want to reconnect with each other should carve out time for a date night and no other thing should occupy the time you allotted for you to spend that with your partner or spouse reconnecting and spending quality time together. Doing that also plays into how you can affair-proof your relationship because breakdowns happen when couples get disconnected and start confiding in total strangers details of their relationship and about their partner or spouse when the stranger knows nothing about that person. You hear this all the time, but date your partner or spouse. get to know their likes dislikes and their strengths and weaknesses along with what they desire sexually. Couples don’t stop dating after they’re married. Many long-term partners are closer than they’ve ever been because they still date their partner or spouse after the honeymoon period is over.

If more couples did little things to help make their relationship more healthy, you would see less cheating and more attention being paid to the relationship and for couples to really understand each other better.

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  • Vale: I agree, it seems like nowadays many people don’t put as much effort into their relationships. When things start to go bad and people drift apart, it’s easy to go online and look for someone new.
  • Lost12bfound: I agree with this great blog post, as well as Vale’s comment. With all the social media and online dating, for some people it is too easy for people to go outside their relationship to "fix" issues in their relationship. What I feel these people unfortunately are missing is that you can only fix the relationship within the relationship. For any relationship to be successful takes a lot of hard work with you and your partner, there just isn’t any shortcut to it.
  • Johnny Nicks: Good blog @Queens. Why do you feel disconnected?
  • Scott1970: Can’t agree with you more, my wife nearly a month ago told me she no longer lovers me after almost 20 years and to say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. Relationships do need work from both parties and I would die for my wife in the blink of an eye. I have begged,pleaded for us to try and work it out as I don’t want our marriage to end, she is my everything and I will do all it takes for us to be together. She has told me she doesn’t know what she wants and that we will talk but wow it’s breaking my heart each and every day but I won’t ever give up on this marriage. People would walk out but I can’t do that I love my wife so much and can’t live without her
  • Johnny Nicks: Scott, its important not too demonstrate too much neediness, but show her you are independent, strong, dynamic, and exciting. Get out of your routine, do some new exciting things on your own. Surprise her. Be unpredictable. Show her, her impression of you is wrong..
  • Scott1970: I have started to back off Johnny, not said “I love you “in a few days although I’m dying to say it to her. She came to me for a cuddle last night but I don’t want to look into that as I will only be beating myself up.
  • Johnny Nicks: Sounds positive..Keep at the slight distance and independence thing..Do new stuff..
  • Scott1970: Thanks Johnny
  • QueensLogic: @JohnnyNicks......When my boyfriend decided to end things he did it because the woman he was cheating with was likely putting pressure on him to walk out on me. I look at it like this and that is the other woman in time will see what I had to go through with my boyfriend hence the term "How you got him is how you lose him". I give him no satisfaction that he took the chicken **** way out and decided to listen to a stupid broad who didn’t so much care that she helped break my relationship with my guy up. I am good though I have begun to meet other men and dating again. I am at peace with what happened and it was God’s way of saying you deserve better

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