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Since the interview I posted with Randi Gunther, I have been thinking a lot about how technology influences our lives and our relationships. How the fast, quick and clippy way we live has become more like blinders than anything else, and instead of only making more of the world available and accessible to us, it has also distanced us from what is right in front of our faces.

While we can find endless amounts of information at the tips of our fingers, and engage with people at the other side of the world, we also tend to hide behind technology and use it as a crutch instead of dealing with our own personal lives, up-close and in person. Randi was talking about how we distance ourselves from our loved ones by communicating electronically instead of in person, which has ruined many relationships that might otherwise have survived. That is not the only way we let technology rule us and as a result, our relationship with the real world.

David Wygant explains Why The iPhone Prevents You From Sex.

To sum it up: a woman was walking around a super market while talking on the phone complaining that she never gets to meet anyone new and never dates. She was utterly oblivious to 3 guys who were dying for her to get off the phone so they could ask her out!

Also, voyeurism has reached new levels with quick and easy technology - reporter Andy Boyle had the audacity to twitter a whole argument which happened between a couple at a restaurant (via man wife and dog) he was eating at. Eaves dropping is one thing, but have we lost our respect for a persons right to privacy?

Do you think this is an aftermath of the facebook mentality?

photo credit creative commons license Joe Howell

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • LyssaBugg: Not to mention the mass amounts of trust breaching. Snooping through each others phones, emails, and facebook. It brings out so much unneeded mistrust and jealousy, respectively at the same time allows more cheating outlets. I have also seen couples out to dinner while texting. People are so glued to technology now and it’s really unfortunate.
  • Ruth: Unfortunate is a good world for this, Lyssabugg....The old saying there is no good without evil works here as well.

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