So This Is How It Works - The Science of Matchmaking!


Looks like fun, and maybe way back when, before the birth of computers or even pens this might have been the way to get yourself a spouse, but no longer.

Most of us have experienced some form or other of hi tech dating and some of us, like myself, met there partners online.

Granted, my fateful meeting didn’t happen because some great dating site, It was kind of a fluke, but it turns out that there is actually quite a lot of research and science behind some of these sites and their methods.

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So what did you think?

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So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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  • jade: I wouldn’t know much about scientific formulas but I agree with the fact that the best person for you is the one most similar to you. I was lucky to know it in my dating years .Tho I still had to look for that similar person. I suppose that’s what this dating site is saving you from.
  • Arlene: I don’t think it saves you from looking... we wouldn’t be relevant if it did. I think it might just save you from the despair of meeting so many Mr wrongs and never any Mr rights or Mr nearly rights
  • itachi: Ummmm.... I have a little different point than jade. I think the best person for you, is the person that is opposite to you.... I think this helps to clear the voids. Look at lock and key.... They both have the exact opposite structure and that’s why the fit perfectly.
    Similiar or opposite, i think the most importane question will be, how much respect they give to each others decision. If they do, then no matter how opposite they are, their bond will be strong as ever. But if they don’t respect, even two similiar person can’t work it out.
  • Arlene: Itachi - for arguments sake - just say you and I are together, and we are complete opposites. I am an extremely tidy person (LOL) and you are a slob.
    I respect the fact that you love to leave your socks on the floor? How does that work? You respect the fact that I don’t like dirty socks on the floor, when the most difficult thing for you in life is picking up your socks and putting them in the laundry?
    I don’t think that could work, without one of the people, or both making a considerable effort.
    You might think socks on the floor, or toothpaste that is not squeezed from the bottom are no big deal. Small issues, but really, everyday life is made up of mostly small issues. I think its important to find some one that has the same level of "sock tolerance" that you do...
    That is only one example of course. Different might be very interesting, but oh so hard...
  • itachi: On that sock arguement (lol).... On that case, i need to respect that you don’t like them to be on the floors and just need to put them on the basket (i may not like it but i can compromise with it cz its an issue with you).... This is what i meant by respecting.
    I disagree with similiarity cz of one main reason. Just think.... Two person has same level of temper, ego, arrogance.... When a fight occurs, no one tries to break it cz of those.... Someone needs to take initiative to make it cool but with the same level of temper, it would be hard to do.
    Another thing is, if you are with a person who has different interest than you, then it makes the relationship more interesting. Suppose i was against sky diving.... Cz of fear, danger.... But you loved it and i gave it a go and i loved it too.... The point is, you never know what you like/dislike untill you try. Its the spice on that relationship.
  • Arlene: @Itachi - its not really so much about sky diving and socks. Its more about what makes you laugh, what you would never do, how you believe children should be raised, your out look on money, foods you like and dislike...the sock is a very petty example, and the skydiving a bit extreme (no pun intended). Then again, that’s just me and what I think and prefer. I know that the places me and my partner have the hardest time is the places we differ at, and not those we agree on.
  • jade:

    I’m with Arlene on this. Life is much better when you have less things to argue about. It doesn’t mean you should be an identical twin of your partner. This can never be and it will be very boring.

  • MollyGoodGolly: I am more of a yin/yang person...everything in the universe has a counter part...2 things that are completely opposite yet bound together "becasue" they are opposites of each other. That subject can really get deep. But over all, my personality type likes the spice that comes from someone else whose world is totally different than mine. Then again, I’m bendable..and can adapt well in different situations. Maybe it depends on the individual personality type..??..
    And btw, Arlene...your picture up there, LOL!!! Grandpaw lost his peter!
  • Arlene: MGG - Not sure what you mean by the last line about the image, but I do agree with the LOL
  • MollyGoodGolly: Peter..
    You know...johnson, beans and franks, willie, package....the man has no *****!
  • H!j!nx: I actually like the key mataphor itachi gave earlier. Yes two people have to be OPPOSITES, like a lock and a key. Opposites naturally complement each other. However, a lock and key have to be similar, otherwise the key wouldn’t fit the groove inside. I believe people have to be opposite AND similar in "key" ways.
  • Arlene: I am not sure one can be opposite and similar at the same time. You could be similar in certain things, like the values you have, and your sense of humor...

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