Song of the month - March 2018

We decided we would like to give this fun contest another try so...

This is the official submission thread for the song of this month

The rules are simple:

1. Each month we will start a new thread for submissions. Submission starts today and ends on the 29th. after which the submission thread will be locked.

2. Voting time starts on the 30th, when a new voting thread will be created and each member can reply with a vote for the best song. At the end of voting, we will count the votes and announce the winner.

3. Please submit only one song and post a link to your favorite performance.

4. At least 6 songs have to be submitted to start this contest. If the number of entries are less than 6, the submission deadline will be extended by a month. If the number of entries are still <6, we will allow posting a second song.

5. Have fun!

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Posted on Site feedback
SomebodyElse avatar
2 weeks ago #2
Blogs: 1
Forum: 1,577
Votes: 48

Vienna Teng, "Eric's Song"

FoxieLadie avatar
2 weeks ago #3
Blogs: 139
Forum: 7,260
Votes: 556

"Somewhere in My Broken Heart"


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vitameg avatar
1 week ago #4
Blogs: 2
Forum: 1,505
Votes: 17
Spitfire avatar
1 week ago #5
Blogs: 17
Forum: 8,508
Votes: 216

One of my "up-lifters"😊

Johnny Nicks avatar
1 week ago #6
Johnny Nicks
Blogs: 113
Forum: 47,939
Votes: 1,636
JerseymikesInCa avatar
1 week ago #7
Blogs: 0
Forum: 1,292
Votes: 7
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gymgirlie avatar
1 week ago #8
Blogs: 0
Forum: 9,412
Votes: 382
Baron A. avatar
1 week ago #9
Baron A.
Blogs: 73
Forum: 55,220
Votes: 1,739 Lucky for you that's what I like... haha!

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