The Weighing Up

The Almighty Scale

If you feel like your changing & not in a good way, then this is the next step. This should be the last F*** given.

No relationship should ‘force’ someone to become a puppet (doing set things or being a certain way to avoid conflicts in order to make your partner happy). And no relationship should turn a lovely woman into a raging b** (having to be crazy as hell in order to not be walked all over). A relationship is supposed to bring out the best in both by communicating, arguing, comforting and resolving problems etc. If it’s starting to feel like everything but that then it’s time.

Sit yourself down and make a list. One side all things good and the other all things bad. Should abuse be included physical or emotional; then this list is irrelevant, you shouldn’t even be considering tolerating an abusive partner whatsoever unless you like being unhappy and feeling worthless.

Once you’ve thought about, done your research and concluded that there is no abuse in your relationship, you can then start your list.

If the good outweighs the bad stay and try to resolve these issues - if you have to show the list then so be it but you need to be clear and firm that these things are affecting you and this is your last and final attempt to fix these issues because you deserve better. Be nice and calm about it talk, explain and listen. Pay attention to facial expressions and body language ask about them if your unsure what they mean cuz people lie and even though we can’t tell sometimes, they know their lying and the mind is a powerful thing that can project your inner most thoughts without your control via bodily expressions.

If the bad outweighs the good then hunnie go silently. State why it’s over and bounce. Do not talk, argue, explain **** or listen just keep walking and don’t look back. Because you will have spoken about these issues a million times yet they were still ignored this is where you’ve had enough and the relationship is starting to have a bad effect on your existence.

You ain’t gonna die, you are not weak, you’ll be alot stronger if anything - ladies know your worth.

Team Stay Strong


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  • Johnny Nicks: Powerful words MsChin :)
  • Vale: Good advice :)
  • EEB: 😊
    Thanks guys.

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