Want to have sex with the girl i love but i think she doesnt want to

ive talked to my girl about sex , she never wanted to talk about it i think cos she always changed topic every time i try to talk to her about it. she told me that she will have sex after 5 to 6 years from now. i really cant wait that long . what should i do? we ve been together for 17 months and we are in an ldr we see each other like 1 time a month for 3 days or 4 days. i feel stupid and needy that i want to do it with her . tbh i can do it with other girl whenever i want but i love her and i only want to do it with her . I love her more than sex but guys im a guy and i have some needs too . AM i wrong? for wanting to do it with her? she s virgin she told me . but i dont really know if its true or not cos its been 17 months sinche we started with ldr and weve never done it. Any thought about me? and any advices for me? WHats wrong with our ldr? help me guys

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I don't know how old the two of you are, but if she's 15 and wants to wait til adulthood for sex, she has that right. Your "needs" are really your wants, and there is nothing wrong with that.
As an adult woman I would find 6-7 years too much to ask of a grown man. But if she is really young and a virgin, I can understand her point of view.

I'm not a fan of LDRs where the couple didn't already have a long term relationship in the same area when they were separated. If your relationship started as a LDR, I don't think its fair for either of you not to see other people. There is nothing wrong with you or your LDR. These issues are very common in LDR's, especially where there are no plans for one to join the other on a permanent basis.

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nathan frecs

hmmm nope im almost 20 and shes 19 . yep we want to live together when she will be aorung 23 . ITs killing me when ever i try to talk to her about it cos i feel like she doesnt really give a **** about it . dunno what to do am i sex adict? i think not .Ive been in ldr with her for 17 months now and we have never had sex . just kissing and hugs thats all.

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1 month ago #4
nathan frecs

i feel stupid and i feel like i dont want to do it with her sometimes because she kills my mood making me feel like she doesnt want it . IVe decided not to ask for it anymore but it means not being me and killing myself for not meeting my needs . i cant wait 5 to 6 years but she said it .

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1 month ago #5
butter firefly
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If you really love her then you should be willing to wait. Ofcourse she is virgin, why should she let you wait that long if she's not? And hey, you should show her that you are not interested to have sex with her and that your love is enough. Be more romantic towards her so that she will feel your sincerity. Make her feel that you really love her.If she will feel so much love from you and will fall hard for you, she might want to do it already.

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