Was That The Worst Date Ever?

zombies in love

“Wow that was the worst date ever”, you think to yourself as you kick of your heels and sink to the couch. “How ever did I end up going out with that person? It was definitely the worst date in history. Why do I get to go out on all the bad dates, and meet all the partially sane men (or women)?” You might find yourself asking as you sip a glass of wine to calm your nerves.

“Never again.” You think to yourself, knowing full well the emptiness of those words.

Some of the bad dates I have been on in my life have been so embarrassing that I have not wanted to share them with anyone, afraid I might look like a complete and utter moron. The thing is, if you have been there and done the “worst date ever” you are not alone. Most people looking for love know that in order to find Mr/Ms right they have to meet a whole lot of Mr/Ms Wrongs first. Since that is the case, the world is brimming over with bad date stories just waiting to be told.

Victoria Namkung and Jessica Ramakrishnan, co founders of ‘My Very Worst Date’ realized this and started a website which has nothing on it but bad date stories, bad enough to raise the hair on your neck or leave you howling with laughter.

Since it is summer time, and it’s almost traditional to recommend exciting stuff to do while enjoying the sun and the surf alone or with your lover, I thought I would recommend you stop by at My Very Worst Date while you sip your wine in despair after your own horror of horrors. Trust me, This will make you feel so much better! I bet you never went on a Zombie Date or a date with a hit man although I am sure, if you are a women you have been on dates with a variation of j*rks though this one certainly takes the cake!

Can you beat that?

photo credit creative commons license Amy Loves Yah

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