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In continuation with what I started last week, I decided to share some posts which resonated as true with me this week.

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I thought this concept was brilliant - our internet personas as our residual image (matrix style)

Are there kids in your future? Because you desperately want them, or because that is what everyone and their dog does?

And should you take an ex back? Since this is one of the repeat topics of discussion on RT, and Evan has a extensive conversation going - go ahead, check it out and don’t be shy to comment on his post.

Are you jumpstarting the future before you even give the present a chance to happen? Read Natalie’s Future Faking Is like the Emperor’s New Clothes

Future Faking, which is when someone gives you the impression of a future so that they can get what they want in the present, has struck a major chord with readers. It’s not just because many of us walk around with a misguided belief that people, especially men, don’t talk about a future unless they have serious intentions; it’s also because when the future doesn’t materialise, and we come crashing back to earth, it’s incredibly painful and often difficult to work out what was real and what was fake.

How many of us have fallen for this?

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