My girlfriend won't communicate with me

my girlfriend gets in these moods were she gets anit social with me, we wll be good one moment then she will go for days just not talking to me then she says its normal she just doing her..when in reality this is not normal...she never just ignores me or doesn't have anything to say to me.. we stay together and she will be in the same room with me for hours like I'm not even in the room....then I ask her whats wrong she says nothing.. and snaps back like whats with all the questions...we cant communicate if I can't even ask her whats wrong I Just don't understand🙁

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I'm just guessing here, but she may be an introvert. You can look up what it is like to date an introvert online. Introverts tend to do things on their own and are not very social. They are more comfortable spending time at home reading a book or doing something that interests them. They don't get energy by being social and going out unless there is a reason. Being with an introvert means you have to deal with a lot of uncomfortable silences. They take a while to respond to things or they don't at all.

But then again, there might be something up. There is no reason for her to ignore you. Is she seeing somebody else? What is she doing when she ignores you while you are in the same room? Either way, she is dropping hints that she wants to end things and is acting cruel so you do it first.

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